Practice Areas

We're a small group focused on producing big outcomes. This is what you need to know about the law firm of Aafedt, Forde, Gray, Monson, & Hager P.A.

  • Our firm specializes in providing comprehensive legal services for our clients.
  • Our attorneys are increasingly involved in defending many types of claims both inside and outside of Minnesota.
  • Our practice includes appearances in all state, federal, and appellate courts as well as administrative agencies.
  • Our firm is retained by major insurance carriers and corporations.
  • We are experienced in all forms of insurance litigation, including workers' compensation, personal injury, property damage, product liability, auto, construction, and premises liability.
  • Our attorneys work with clients to help prevent costly legal battles from arising.
  • We offer regular seminars on various topics to keep our clients aware of changes in the law which may affect business.

The firm's goal is primarily to provide advice and support to prevent litigation. However, should litigation ensue, we are fierce and aggressive defense litigators while recognizing that it is ultimately the client who bears the final costs. In cases where early settlement or alternative dispute resolution is warranted, we will encourage the client to consider all options before additional fees are incurred. As a matter of course, we attempt to avoid settlements on the courthouse steps - recognizing that any unnecessary delay in settlement negotiations increases the overall costs for our clients. We defend, not just our clients, but their bottom lines.