Pursuing subrogation claims against negligent third parties is an area of law requiring a special skill-set. One which our attorneys have refined over decades of experience litigating workers’ compensation claims.

It is not uncommon for subrogation possibilities to arise in the context of a workers’ compensation claim. Our subrogation team has successfully pursued recovery from negligent third-parties, recovering hundreds of thousands of dollars as a result. Such efforts have included a recent Federal District Court claim against the manufacturer of faulty brake parts causing injuries to a waste truck driver; claims against the manufacturer of a tire that exploded while being replaced resulting in catastrophic injuries to a worker; negligent sub-contractors who created a dangerous construction environment, etc. Our attorneys are very familiar with the often complex interplay between workers' compensation and liability claims that give rise to subrogation issues, and often "step into the shoes" of the employee/plaintiff, pursuing claims directly against third parties in an effort to achieve a recovery.