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Our Commitment Our firm's commitment to clients is reflected in the manner in which our lawyers work together with clients. We recognize that the success of our practice is dependent on strong client-attorney relationships. At every opportunity, we evaluate and refine our service to clients.

Communication Because we know our clients want to work with lawyers of their own choosing, every lawyer in our firm is capable of assuming major responsibilities. This means that each attorney has an active caseload, which includes frequent communications with the client during the course of handling a file.

Cost-effectiveness As a firm, we have a strong commitment to containing legal costs, which we believe is best accomplished through effective management of lawyer time. The firm avoids costly approaches such as double-chairing trials. Instead, we encourage case discussion among our lawyers and we emphasize use of support staff where appropriate.

Quality & Support We actively represent and work closely with our clients to manage risk through training, policy planning, and litigation management. As with most areas of law, workers’ compensation is constantly evolving. Statutes are revised and appellate court decisions affecting workers’ compensation are issued on a consistent basis. Attorneys assess published appellate decisions and law changes to ensure firm clients a prompt and realistic legal evaluation of every referred file, including an update date analysis based on the law in effect at that time.  Throughout our representation, our attorneys provide continuing attention to client interests so that a final satisfactory result can be obtained as soon as practical.

Our Clients Clients who choose our firm — large and small corporations, insurance companies, third-party administrators, and self-insured employers — know that in Aafedt, Forde, Gray, Monson, & Hager, P.A. they are choosing a specialized firm. They also know they are selecting a firm where the lawyers have years of practice experience, but yet continue to actively handle even small disputes for clients.

We actively represent and work closely with our clients to prevent legal claims through training, policy planning, and litigation management. We are proud of our long-standing relationships with our clients. Our strong client loyalty reaffirms our commitment to quality service, and contributes to an environment where collegiality with clients is the norm rather than the exception.

Our AttorneysEach lawyer focuses his or her practice area to provide expert service to our clients. This concentration provides clients a level of expertise not generally found in other firms. Because our lawyers devote their entire careers to a select area of law, our clients are provided with an exceptionally high level of knowledge and experience when seeking counsel in these complicated areas.

Recognized as leaders in their areas, many firm lawyers have been featured as speakers for legal education seminars as well as for conferences sponsored by other professional groups.

Our lawyers are frequently sought by members of the state legislature and administrative agencies for their advice on policy issues as well as statute and rule making. In offering this expertise, we emphasize the need to enact laws and promulgate rules which provide fair protection of the rights and interests of the business and insurance community.

Our philosophy of practice extends to the hiring of new associates. We pride ourselves on the strong academic backgrounds of our attorneys. As important as academic excellence is, we focus as much attention on the personal attributes of the individual.

Providing our clients the best legal counsel requires not only those characteristics that aid in courtroom persuasiveness, but also basic levelheadedness and common sense.

Firm History The firm was founded in 1920 by Maugridge Robb and was primarily an insurance defense firm. In 1930 the firm added two partners and became known as Robb, Rich and Reynolds. The focus of the firm at that time was insurance defense, primarily the defense of civil lawsuits.

In 1940, Francis VanEps and Bill Robb joined the firm, and the firm became know as Robb, Robb and VanEps. At the time Bill Robb joined the firm, the defense of workers' compensation claims also became a specialty of the firm. In 1968, Curt Gilmore joined the firm as an additional workers' compensation defense attorney, and the firm was renamed Robb, VanEps and Gilmore. The firm continued the defense of insurance litigation, both in the civil arena and workers' compensation claims.

Since 1960, the firm has periodically changed its name to reflect names of the contemporary senior partners and became Aafedt, Forde, Gray, Monson & Hager, P.A. in 2005. The basic work of the firm has remained the same since it was founded in 1920. Our practice focuses in insurance defense, defending both civil lawsuits and workers compensation claims. Together with our knowledge and dedication, Aafedt, Forde, Gray, Monson & Hager, P.A. seeks to provide the highest quality of legal services for our clients.

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